Beautiful & Dependable Designs

Erickson McGovern designs efficient and flexible facilities tailored to the vision and budget goals of the clients we serve.

New k-12 Schools

Whether it’s an elementary, middle, or high school, EMA will help you build your new K-12 facility on time and on budget, with minimal hassle.

Admin and Stem buildings

EMA helps you create sustainable support buildings and our collaborative process builds trust, getting the most from every dollar.

Health care

From mental health wings to stand-alone facilities, we help health-care nonprofits combine form and function while staying on budget.

Stretching Your Budget

You shouldn’t have to pick between a beautiful, dependable building and your budget. With EMA you can have both. We’ll get the most out of every dollar.

Better Communication

Our streamlined communication process, developed over decades of experience, keeps you up-to-date with project details and expectations.

We’ve Seen It All

You can have confidence that EMA knows how to take your project from design to completion, with minimal surprises, just as we’ve done for our clients the past 40 years.

Featured Projects

These projects show EMA’s ability to come in on time and on budget.

Tehaleh Heights Elementary

Elementary School

New Construction

STEM Focus

New Construction
2 stories, 550 students (PK-5)
Total area: 56,000 square feet
Completed Fall 2018

North Mason High School

High School

New Construction

Technology Focus

New Construction
2 stories, 750 students (Grades 9-12)
Total area: 117,600 square feet
Completed 2015

Mount Bay Apartments

Type V Construction

Green Roofs/Terrances

Sub Grade Parking

New Construction
7 stories, 230+ Units
Total area: 254,000 square feet
Completion 2021

“The service, the product, and the personnel of Erickson McGovern have always exceeded our expectations. Their innovative design knowledge has resulted in outstanding facilities throughout the District.”

Dr. Anthony L. Smith

Superintendent , Riverview School District

“The Erickson McGovern staff has produced outstanding designs and their customer service is unmatched. They are readily available to address questions and concerns, and are always willing to assist with problem solving if issues arise.”

Kathi Weight

Superintendent , Steilacoom Historical School District

Architects You Can Trust

We’ll help you stay on budget, using smart, timeless designs, all while communicating throughout the process in a way that streamlines the project timeline.

On budget

You need to make every dollar count and EMA will help you stretch your budget. Our experience and communication process keep costs down.

Timeless Designs

Some architects like to add fluff to their designs, driving up costs. Not EMA. We choose timeless designs that are both funtional and beautiful.

We Value Relationships

A cornerstone our reputation is communicating with all stakeholders to ensure communication mistakes are kept to a minimum.

upcoming project?

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