High School STEM

The vision of WHS STEM is to improve science education by integrating technology and developing a hands-on approach to learning. Spaces have been renovated so students can work on a multitude of hands-on projects and present findings through physical models, tests, and presentations.

The project consisted of the renovation of two existing science labs at Building 600, as well as modernizing and adding to Building 900. Building 900 will add two STEM based labs, an aerospace lab, a networking classroom, and renovations to the existing arts department spaces. A separate greenhouse and site improvements were incorporated to make this project a focal point for the Washington High School Campus. 

The goal of this project, through the STEM Initiative Grant is to be a leading model STEM program for all Washington State school districts.

Franklin Pierce School District


Tacoma, WA


Completed Spring 2019

1 Story, 989 Students, Grades 9-12

Modernization and Addition


19,695 sq ft

$5,452,500 (Bid Award)