High School STEM

Washington High School was awarded a $4.3 million grant through the Washington Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Pilot Facilities grant through the Washington Legislature. EMA is working with Franklin Pierce School District on a remodel and addition to Building 900 at Washington High School to incorporate a STEM academy on campus that creates an environment where students have the opportunity to explore big ideas and key concepts in hands-on, inquiry based methods.

The addition includes two flexible STEM labs, each capable of serving at least 24 students in various science settings. These high bay, industrial spaces provide students with the function and atmosphere of professional work environments in STEM related fields. Design features include industry standard equipment and fully integrated technology at lab stations which allows students to project live data during experiments. An energy dashboard display is the highlight of the new lobby to Building 900, providing real-time data on local weather, building system performance, and solar energy capture from rooftop mounted solar arrays (Franklin Pierce School District was awarded a separate grant to incorporate solar panels into the project). Within Building 900, the original woodshop classroom is transformed into an Aerospace lab, serving the Project Lead The Way program with courses in CAD, Robotics and Aeronautics.

Construction is scheduled to begin in Summer 2017.


Franklin Pierce School District


Tacoma, WA


Construction Phase

Projected Completion Fall 2018


Grades 9-12


Modernization and Addition


5,965 SF Modernization; 4,080 SF Addition



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