Tehaleh Heights Elementary School

Driven by continued population growth across the District, this new Elementary School in Sumner will be located in the planned development called Tehaleh. The proposed school will be approximately 54,000 SF and will be designed for 550 students with core facilities designed for up to 750. EMA is taking a flexible design approach to the new school, and has already planned for and designed additional classrooms for when the population increases in the future.

The interior of the building will be organized around a central multipurpose room that will face the potential view of Mt. Rainier to the east. The music platform, multipurpose room, and health and fitness center will be designed with operable walls between each space. This enables the spaces to open up to each other to maximize seating capacity for large events and community use.

One of the big ideas guiding the design is the creation of a STEM culture in the school. The STEM classroom is centrally located, and a corridor leading to the classroom will feature STEM displays and interactive learning opportunities. The building will be a teaching tool with windows that show students the inner operations of building systems. The STEM classroom will also open up to the STEM courtyard that faces the wetland buffer. This placement will allow students to interact and learn from nature.


Sumner School District



Sumner, WA



Construction Phase

Projected Completion 2018


Grades K-5



New Construction



60,000 SF





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