Personal Care Services

Center, CPTC

The Personal Care Services Center houses the Cosmetology, Massage, Manicuring and Esthetics programs, for Clover Park Technical College, which offer student training along with classroom teaching and public services. EMA was challenged to combine both teaching and public services spaces within the same building on a limited budget. These facilities were previously located in Building 8, campus portables, and off-campus locations.

To navigate the complexity of space programming and circulation, EMA organized the building with a “public” side facing Lakewood Drive and a “student” side facing the main campus. At the public entrance, a pond with fountains greets customers and initiates the relaxing experience offered at the facility.   Interior spaces were designed to be warm and inviting, while remaining open and supportive of classroom instruction. Intimate areas are defined within the larger open space with interior canopies, and privacy is achieved with curtains in clinical areas.

Clover Park Technical College

Lakewood, WA

Completed January 2008

Modernization and Addition

30,083 SF

$4,990,383 (Bid Award)