Mountain View Elementary School

Erickson McGovern is working with the Shelton School District to replace the existing Mountain View Elementary School on the same site. The existing MVES will be kept in place and function as the elementary school while the replacement school is designed and constructed.

The new 55,000 sq. ft. facility will accommodate 500 students. With a District grade reconfiguration, the 5th grade class will be moved to Olympic Middle School upon completion of the new MVES. The District is planning to incorporate all of their Early Learning program on this site. A two-story building was the logical choice based on its smaller foot print which will allow for better flexibility and use of open space on the site. The two-story plan will be a “T” shaped building with the administration up front in a visible spot allowing for maximum supervision. The classroom wings will extend out from the administration both directions.


The multi-purpose/ Gym areas will sit behind the administration, allowing better zoning separation that would include evening / after-hours use. The second floor will include classroom wings like the first floor and the library above the administration space. The music room/ stage is being designed to allow for performances in the multi-purpose room and also in the exterior amphitheater for outdoor events.

The District’s vision for Elementary Education Curriculum will be an emphasis on 21st Century Learning. The planning and programming of Mountain View Elementary will use this as a guiding principle.

Shelton School District

Shelton, WA

Construction Phase / Projected Completion Fall 2019

2 Stories, 500 Students, Grades K-4

New Construction

55,000 SF

$17,611,900 (Bid Award)