Hawkins Middle School

The Hawkins Middle School Renovation and Addition project is the second phase of a multiple phase construction program for the North Mason School District Campus. Originally the 1982 building housed the high school students. Phase one was the construction on a new 118,000 square foot high school constructed on an existing football field. Once complete, the high school moved and the existing building was ready to be converted into the new middle school.

The existing 58, 400 sf building include a lower level for locker rooms and athletics. The structure was reconfigured to house a middle school population of 450 with allowed growth to 500. A complete envelope, systems, and accessibility replacement occurred. The main entry was relocated to provide a greatly improved focal access to the main bus / parent drop off area. Phase three, which was part of this project was to tear down the existing 1967 middle school building and provide additional parking and play field areas.

North Mason School District

Belfair, WA

Completed 2018

1 Story, 500 Students, Grades 6-8

Renovation and Addition

58,400 SF

$15,800,000 (Bid Award)