Donald Eismann

Elementary School

Donald Eismann Elementary School is a single story school with three classroom wings that radiate off a main central entry core.  The main entry flows into the commons area which includes a dual facing stage – open to both the commons and gym/cafeteria – providing flexibility for both student and community use.  The hallway at each classroom wing stems from the central commons and expands at the end to create an open project area, which serves as a collaborative group teaching space.  

Classrooms are equipped with a teaching wall system that integrates sliding whiteboards, storage, and technology.  Daylight and supervision is maximized with large window walls at the end of each classroom wing and interior windows from classrooms into the hallways, reducing energy usage on campus. In 2012, EMA added a 2,500 sq. ft. playshed to the school. 

Sumner-Bonney Lake School District

Bonney Lake, WA

Completed October 2009

1 Story, 550 Students, Grades K-5

New Construction

47,612 SF

$13,212,415 (Bid Award)