Childcare Center

Clover Park Technical College

With a goal of creating a beautiful environment for children, the Clover Park Technical College Childcare Center synthesizes color, texture, shape, and daylight. A butterfly-shaped roof form is used to visually open the classroom space to the outside and allows natural daylight to filter deep into the building’s core. The high ceilings allow space for suspended artwork and other visually stimulating elements, which can also be viewed from the exterior. The high window bays allow children to see the sky and dream throughout the day.

Large-scale building blocks are used to define the front entry, as well as act as a sculptural backdrop to the main waiting area and rear playground. The playground is designed to be a natural extension of the interior classroom space. Playground activities weave through a multi-textural path, which traces the profile of a butterfly’s wings allowing children access to all outdoor activities. The facility accommodates infants as well as school-age children.

Clover Park Technical College

Lakewood, WA

Completed 2005

New Construction

12,100 SF