Carbonado Historical School

The Carbonado Historical School District is located in central Pierce County, and is one of the oldest school districts in the state of Washington. The building was placed on the National Register of Historic places in 1982. The Design Committee looks to maximize resources and modernize the district’s existing facilities with the goal of being prepared for changes to curriculum including a move towards having STEM in every classroom and to address current facility challenges in terms of ADA accessibility, seismic readiness, and supervision and student security.

The proposed schematic layout creates a new student and staff flow through the historic building while maintaining original floor levels that speak to the history of the structure.

The proposed design also suggests a new home from the administrative functions of the building. These are currently located at both the central/main entrance and at the south side of the building. Its current location does not allow it to easily serve as a focal point and entrance for parents and visitors coming to the school. Admin staff are separated from each other. The proposed new location at the northeast corner of the building places the admin entry on the visitor’s pathway before they reach the main entrance to the gym.

Carbonado Historical School District

Carbonado, WA

Construction Phase / Projected Completion Summer 2019

1 Story, 180 Students, Grades K-8


13,425 SF

$3,224,341 (Bid Award)