Franklin Pierce Schools’ bond issue vote takes place on November 8th, and they are focused on the safety of their 8,000 students through modernizations of their schools. You can read more about the bond at, but here are the basics:

What will this bond accomplish?

  • Improve Student Safety
  • Prepare Students for the Future
  • Replace five worst conditioned schools
  • Maintain Current Tax Rates
  • Improve Learning Environments

Why now?

Cheaper now than later: Our five worst condition schools – and Ford Middle School’s gym – have all reached the point where replacing them is cheaper than renovating. And if we wait longer, replacement will only be more expensive.

It’s simply time to modernize: The rest of our schools are in need of some general improvements. It’s not hard to see why. We have the oldest and worst condition schools compared to our four neighboring districts: Tacoma, Puyallup, Bethel, and Clover Park. Our average school is 60 years old.

In addition to general upgrades, the bond would provide needed upgrades in security and safety at every school. Washington and Franklin Pierce High School would also get science, technology, engineering, and math labs (STEM labs) to help our students compete for the jobs of the future.