We are thrilled with how well the construction of Collins Elementary is going! 

Here are October’s construction updates from our friends at Pease Construction:


Zone C roof sheathing is complete and will be dried in Monday. Weather barrier is going on and the windows arrive Monday so the classroom wing will be all closed up and drying out for interior finishes soon.


Zone A topping slab and final slabs in Zone B placed today! Windows are on site and Zone C will begin installation soon. 2nd floor Zone A shear walls and 2nd floor Zone C partitions will start next week!  Great progress continues to be made, thanks for everyone’s continued effort.


All building slabs are done. Windows are on being installed in Zone C, and music room steel beams have been installed.


Zone C nearly closed up, will have all windows in early next week. Sound insulation and GWB on first floor is going in to get ready for duct on the 28th.

Our expected substantial completion date is still June 30, 2020