About Us

Erickson McGovern designs dependable, beautiful buildings on time and on budget with minimal hassle.

Why EMA Cares

We know that you’re under intense pressure to perform with every project. You need to stay on time and on budget, with a minimum of hassle throughout the process. What’s more, you need a quality building that will stand the test of time and please a wide number of stakeholders for decades. Not an easy situation. EMA understands.

We work with school districts, civic and healthcare organizations, and mixed-use/multi-family housing developers to create reliable, beautiful designs that stand the test of time.

Passionate About Schools

For more than 40 years, our main focus has been designing reliable and dependable K-12 facilities. Our streamlined process will help you come in on time and on budget.

We Stay on Budget

You’ve been entrusted with a budget and your board expects quality for its money. EMA helps you stretch your budget to get the most out of every dollar.

It's All about the People

Over the decades, we’ve developed a process for communicating with all your stakeholders to ensure maximum participation, buy in, and build quality relationships.

Our team

From principals with decades of experience to talented staff with specialized skills, EMA has the personnel to design beautiful, timeless buildings.

Ray Mow


Ray is a hands-on, practical architect and project manager. His designs balance high-quality and commonsense. He leads team members for in-depth evaluations of projects, challenging conditions and critical phasing/staging criteria. Ray has extensive construction administration experience and previously worked as a mechanical contractor and a general contractor.

Wade Jensen

Associate Principal

Bowen Tubbs


Cicely Stewart

Architect / Construction Administrator

Josh Murphy

Production Manager / IT

Jay Peterson

Senior Project Architect

Tom Carver


Jamie Maniatis

CAD / Revit Specialist

Cindy Peterson

Financial Manager

Steven Storaasli

Senior Project Architect

Yifei Lou

Architectural Designer

Paul DeMoncada

Construction Administrator

Tia Bartholomew

Administrative Assistant

Sean P. Ragudo


Ellie Behzad

Architectural Designer

Tonya Murphy

Office Manager

Looking for a team that wants to Help you succeed?

EMA wants talented, driven architectural professionals that are dedicated to beautiful, dependable designs. If you’re looking for company that celebrates your contributions as well as success as a team, click the button below.

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