The EMA Difference

When designing facilities, the needs of the users are our first priority. We believe that good, responsible architecture not only enables quality education but supports the community. Through thoughtful interaction and collaboration with staff, students, parents and communities, we guide the team to create meaningful places for learning and working.


We firmly believe that honest, consistent and clear communication is the key to a successful project.


We produce concise and organized contract documents to mitigate change orders and improve the construction process.


We are passionate about local schools and the role they serve in their communities. This passion is delivered through providing attractive architecture that is functional, efficient, effective and works to enhance the community and promote education.


Every school district is unique, so we work hard to provide project designs which are specific to your needs and expectations.


We approach projects with an open mind. We welcome innovations in the learning environment and strive to foster that educational model in our designs.

Continuous Cost Controls

We collaborate and continually review budgets to control costs through all project phases. Our in-house cost estimating expertise enables your District to make informed decisions about materials, scale and the distribution of costs.


At EMA, we understand that there’s an important relationship between what we do and the benefits of what we provide. We understand that you need more than just a building, and will be a collaborative, knowledgeable and reliable partner throughout the entire design and construction process.